The Hut is now open every Sunday between 10 in the morning and 12 o’clock

We look forward to seeing you for a new season when we re-open the Hut on February 18th at 10 o’clock; by then our re-stocking will be done and the shelves full again.  

We have an additional supplier this year, from whom we can obtain items that we have had difficulty obtaining previously.

These include gardening gloves, (we have ordered types that have sold well previously) and ‘Maxicrop’ of two types – Original Seaweed Extract and Organic Garden Natural Fertiliser; both in one litre bottles.  These will sell for £6.50 and £6.75 respectively.

Also from this supplier we are able to re-stock Scotts Lawn Builder Lawn Food (400 m2 size), which will be £26.

As spring approaches our thoughts, regrettably, turn to our old friend, the slug, and we are here to help you in that never-ending battle.     We have in stock:

Blue mini-pellets – 800g size.   By ordering these pre-season we can sell this large pack for just £2.00, and it is hardly worth ordering the smaller size of this type. However, there is available this year an organic version of these pellets called Super slug killer using ferric phosphate – in a 575g pack at £3.65

In addition to these basic anti-slug products we also have Organic slug defence gel (great to squeeze around plants in pots) Copper slug tape to stop them climbing the sides of your pots.

Lastly we have slug traps – to sink in the earth and bait with beer – at least they expire happy….

This year we will be holding TWO plant sales – April 8th and May 20th, but remember you are welcome to sell any (legal!) garden-related items at any time – just bring your own table and don’t frighten the locals.

Richard and Josie

I am contactable on, 0744322 9626 or 01895 234609

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Summer Show held on the 19th August at the Chalfont St Peter, Community Centre.

The Summer Show took place on 19th August and from the feedback received,  was a great success. Items to especially mention were the wonderful Dahlias, exhibited by R. K. Bailey, and the beautiful floral art exhibited by Patrica Wallington.  The members and public also mentioned the superb teas which were prepared by Karen Johnson and her team.


2017 Summer Show Schedule see show tab or click this link

Summer Show Results

The club has held a Summer Show since soon after World War Two. Formerly in September, it has for many years now been held on the Saturday before the late August Bank Holiday, in 2018 it will on is 18th August, between 1:30 and 4:00 pm.

The Venue is the Chalfont St Peter Community Centre, situated beside the A413 just north of the Greyhound roundabout. Google Map for the Chalfont St Peter Community Centre

The Show Schedule will be published as soon as possible

We attract over Sixty exhibitors who between them show about 500 exhibits. We offer cash prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd places and have a large range of cups to reward excellence either in a particular class, or over a specified range of classes.

Last years entry fees were 35p per class. Our current biggest exhibitor exhibited in 56 classes last year. Our show is an OPEN show, that is, anyone can enter: you don’t have to be a member although we naturally welcome new members! In recent years, we have attracted some very experienced exhibitors from outside, given that sadly, some other Garden Clubs are no longer running their shows.

Our seven Judges are all very experienced experts in their respective fields and appropriately qualified.

Standards are high, but that should not inhibit newcomers to showing. Our most prolific exhibitor started by entering the Novice classes not too many years ago. Our best exhibitors are very willing to give encouraging advice to those less experienced in showing. We have experienced stewards who job includes offering advice to exhibitors to prevent a small error from causing a disappointing failure.

Visitors are welcome from 2pm on the day, for a modest entry fee of £1.00. There is free car parking at the Centre. As well as the exhibits, we have cream teas and a raffle with attractive prizes. This year we shall have an exhibition by local Bee keepers, with honey for sale.

We produce a schedule that gives full details of all the classes, together with the Rules that govern the Show which is run to Royal Horticultural Society procedures.

A Show Exhibitors application form is available as soon as possible

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Chalfont St Peter Garden Club was formed in 1940

As part of the “dig for victory” campaign. It currently comprises about 600 members, mainly in the Chalfonts, and Gerrards Cross area. The club is affiliated to the Royal Horticultural Society and the Bucks Association of Horticultural Society.

Our members all have an interest in gardening at some level, but do not all regard themselves as experts by any means. The membership does include people with a great deal of experience in gardening, in allotment holding, in floral art and in the domestic skills usually included in horticultural shows. However a large number of us are “garden potterers”.

The club is entirely run by volunteers. We have a Garden Club Hut, which is open Sunday mornings.

This is not only a source of attractively priced garden materials for the members to purchase, but is also used to discuss gardening problems and pass on tips and information. There are monthly meetings, in St Peter Church Hall, which provides a series of expert speakers on gardening topics and is also an opportunity to meet people with similar interests.

Come and meet us.

We also have monthly meetings, where we bring in specialists to talk about gardening and related local subjects. Click on this link to access about meeting page.

2017 Summer Show Schedule see show tab 2017 Summer Show Schedule see show tab